Please review the following Auction Procedures and Rules:

  1. This auction is being held under Colorado Revised Statue 38-21.5-101 to 38-21.5-105.
  2. Each unit will be sold individually as-is with no exceptions.
  3. Please sign up prior to the start of the sale in the office to receive a bidding number and copy of the rules.
  4. The owner or manager reserves the right to bid on any or all units. The tenant or representative of the tenant cannot bid on the contents since they are legally bound to pay the full rental amount due.
  5. All purchases must be paid in cash. No Exceptions!
  6. All purchases must be paid at the end of the auction.
  7. Buyers must pay a $50.00 cleaning deposit in cash separately from the purchase price of the unit. This is due for each unit bought. The deposit will be refunded when the unit is vacant and swept out. You must keep the deposit receipt in order to get back your deposit!
  8. Minimum bids are placed only at the discretion of the owner of Gateway and will be announced prior to the beginning of the bidding for each unit.
  9. Auctioneer determines the last and final bid on each unit.
  10. Immediately after the sale of the last unit, ALL buyers will proceed to the office to pay the cleaning deposit and to pay for the unit(s) purchased.
  11. All contents of the units must be removed by 12:00 PM the day following the auction unless arrangements are made with the manager.
  12. Units will be opened one at a time, buyers will have a chance to step up to the doorway and look inside. You may not touch anything or enter the unit!! The bidding for that unit will immediately follow the viewing.
  13. Units will be sold to the highest bidder.
  14. Please place a lock on the unit after you have paid for it. We will not be responsible for the contents after the unit is purchased.
  15. Please return all personal items to the office if found in the unit contents. This may include photos & albums, tax records, birth certificates or any personal records. They are of no value to you and may be reclaimed by the tenant.